Submitting bid with multiple options can enhance and improve your chances to win Government Contracts, RFPs, Bids, Solicitations and Tenders

Many government authorities are considering single bid with multiple options or even multiple bids from individual company. You may suggest various options about the service or products they are looking for. Once you came to know about the Bid or RFP, you can send an e-mail to client or government authority and ask if they are considering multiple bids from single company.

Some of these multiple options can be in the area of:

(1) Where the work is being performed, Onshore or Offshore ?

If Client/Authorities are considering Offshore Outsourcing/Offshore Subcontracting, you should submit two bids. Your First bid should include the costing, if entire work will be carried onshore (Like within United States, Canada, UK or Australia). Obviously this costing will be higher. Your Second bid should include the costing, if entire work will be carried at offshore locations like India, Philippines, Pakistan and Bangladesh Etc. This costing will be lower. It will also increase your chances to win the Bid from Government Authority, considering you have good options to carry with the work.

(2) Some additional features of the products or services.

You can submit your additional bid document with some extra features of the products or services you can offer. Government Authorities are very particular in their Scope of Service, so you should mentioned extra features of the service or products in multiple bids. So, they will be aware about the extra features available about he service or products for which they are soliciting proposals.

(3) You can suggest some extra additional services with original scope of service or the required products along with original one by Multiple Bidding Options, like SEO services with Website Designing Service RFP.

(4) You can offer maintenance service after completion of Contract on hourly basis.

Once you have submitted such multiple bids or multiple options, your client will get good options to select the services or products they are looking for. It may also enhance your chances to win the RFPs.